Chesapeake Ranch Estates-Drum Point
Chesapeake Ranch Estates and Drum Point were both originally rural areas that were sparsely populated. Most of the residents survived off the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and Patuxent River, harvesting crabs, oysters, clams and fish. After World War II, the communities became popular as seasonal locations for water sports and as a weekend resort area. Eventually, the communities grew more permanent and are continuing to grow in stunning ways.

Drum Point was originally in the possession of the Chilean Barreda brothers until it was acquired by Judge Gray. The Drum Point Lighthouse was originally placed in the northern tip of the Patuxent River, which is currently known as “The Point.” It was first constructed starting in the 1850s, not far from the shore line, in ten feet of water. Yet steady stilting eventually led to the shorelines steady move closer and closer to the light. In 1944 the light became electrified and in 1960 it became automated. In 1974, the lighthouse was handed over to the Calvert historical Society, who redesigned it so that it is now a beautiful site to behold and open to the entire public.

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